Sustainable Profitable Market for ECTAD Small Farmers/ Farm Families

We have seen a 40% increase in sales by our small farmers for 2018. In the early stages of our marketing program, a mixture of crops such as Dasheen, Yams, Eddoes, Sweet potatoes, Plantains, Bananas, Tannia, Passion fruit etc. was sold to local and regional markets. Over 150,000 pounds of these products were marketed through our program.

However, during this year our major market was Europe, where over 500,000 pounds of Taro/Dasheen were sold by our small farm families in two major European markets. Based on the reports coming from our buyers who are very strong supporters of our small farmer’s program, they are satisfied with the products that were sent and we are much assured of continued market access for 2019, which would give a major boost for our farmer’s income sustainability and profitable income.

We look forward to continuing in 2019 with the same quality and consistency approach we had in 2018.


ECTAD Marking Program Report 2018.

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