About Us

ECTAD CARIBBEAN is a nonprofit, voluntary, nongovernmental small farmers’ base rural development organisation launched and operating in St. Vincent and the Grenadines since 1995.

We Have One Goal

Our Vision: Is to create a sustained, economic and social prosperity for rural farming communities in the Caribbean and elsewhere!


Over the last several years, ECTAD has been working with its members to build and test a new ideological approach that will remove the shackle of dependency for rural and agricultural organisations on donor agencies and governments.



 Our farmers are directly responsible for marketing activities. This involves grading, packaging, shipping and distributing, ensuring they receive a greater share of the value chain. Thus wealth created, is kept and maintained within rural communities.



ECTAD has been raising awareness of the benefits of linking agriculture to health and nutrition as part of its work programme.  The consumption of local healthy nutritious foods has key benefits in the fight to reduce and end non-communicable diseases.

Our Strategies

  • High quality expertise
  • Tapping the value of  indigenous knowledge
  • Farmer led solutions
  • Long term planning with vision for long term solutions
  • Sustainable people management solutions
  • Innovation and good practices
  • Change strategies and innovations that look for new solutions
  • Knowledge generation and sharing
  • Public and private sector pathership

Our Mission

We are working to increase the quality of life for small farmers and their families by strengthening the capacity, to increase profitable sustained incomes and be able to sustainably manage their resources.

The ECTAD Team

Vanessa Joseph

Farmer Leader

Jethro Greene

Chief Coordinator

Motisha Yorke


Nyasha Oxley

Administrative Officer

Conroy Huggins

Volunteer Agriculture Specialist

Elon Mc Curdy

Volunteer Partner REP. Guyana

Tracey-Ann Wright

Volunteer Partner REP. IN JAMAICA

Reinier H. Taus

Volunteer Partner REP. IN Suriname

Marisa Wilson