Real leadership and overcoming challenges in 2018

2018 was a year of many challenges for ECTAD Caribbean which strengthens our resolve to create sustainable profitable incomes for small farm families. We have taken challenges and turned them into opportunities, we have expanded our marketing of core crops, we have expanded our volunteer partnership network worldwide, we created our forum platform for sharing of knowledge, good practices, innovation and appropriate technology, we have strengthened our farmers lead marketing clusters, we have expanded our market shares in Europe. Despite challenges in the marketing financing, delays with the shipping lines and price challenges, our farmer leaders pull through 2018 with fairly good results. Whatever 2019 brings, we will be ready and we will continue to find ways of turning challenges into opportunities.

We train our farmer leaders to be critical thinkers, taking control of circumstances and events and not being controlled by them. We will strengthen our volunteer partnership sharing of knowledge, innovation, good practices and appropriate technology for benefit of all our small farmers and small farm families all over the world, We look forward to a prosperous and  successful 2019 working in partnership with our partners all around the world for the benefit of our small farmers and small farm families.

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