ECTAD Caribbean would like to introduce its group of volunteers as part of ECTAD’s Caribbean Youth Arm (ECYA). The EYCA comprises of an experienced team of young professionals based in the St Vincent & the Grenadines and in other islands around the Caribbean. The team specializes in business and ICT development. Our youth arm is also available for hire in fields which include, but are not limited to:

  • Web and Mobile Development
  • Graphics and Animation Development
  • Marketing Plans and Services including social media marketing
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Communications Consulting

ECTAD is always looking for opportunities to expand and increase of skill base as well as supporting the development young people across the region, who share a passion for learning and ECTAD’s steadfast commitment to a more unified Caribbean.

The members of our youth arm are currently developing an agricultural based learning platform that incorporates the use of games and audio visual mediums to encourage interest in young enthusiasts to participate in the modern aspects of agriculture.

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We encourage anyone wishing to donate to ECYA or hire members of the ECYA to contact us.

Phone: (784) 453-1004, Mobile. (784) 593-8604

Email address:,

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