ECTAD Caribbean expand partnership investment and support

The focus approach of ECTAD Caribbean new production and marketing program is attracting new partners groups and individual partners’ supporters. Partners are contributing to supporting the expanding marketing program with a focus on roots and tubers which saw a 60% export increase over 2017. No membership fees are required be a part of the ECTAD CARIBBEAN partnership program as a group, organization or individual.


What is required is a commitment to the following:

(1) Sharing of information and new and appropriate technologies.

(2) Sharing of innovation and good practices.

(3) Commitment to gender equality and youth involvement.

(4) Commitment to support small farm families.


– ECTAD Caribbean is planning its first partnership assembly in the next few months

– Partnership is open to Caribbean and non- Caribbean organization and individual willing to share and support our vision.



Our vision is the achievement of sustained economic and social prosperity by rural farming communities.



We are working to improve the quality of life for small farmers and their families by strengthening their capacity to achieve profitable markets and sustained incomes. As part of our mission, we share good practices, innovation and indigenous knowledge with partners globally.




ECTAD seeks to fulfill its mission through the following strategies:

  1. High quality technical expertise
  2. Tapping into Value Chains and leveraging indigenous knowledge
  3. Promoting Farmer led solutions
  4. Long term planning with vision
  5. Sustainable management solutions
  6. Human capacity building
  7. Capture and replication of innovation and good/best practices
  8. Change strategies that look for new innovative solutions
  9. Knowledge generation, strategic research development and dissemination

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