Report from ECTAD Suriname

ECTAD-Suriname is part of the public-private Technical Committee for developing a National Standard for honey. We want to make sure that local and imported honey are  natural 100% honey. Also honey from Suriname is in the interest line to export. There is demand for example in Holland. We will use the CROSQ document and target the Fast Track Method for 7.5 months. It will favor bonafide producers, retailers and importers. It will protect the local honey sector. In the first step it will be a voluntary standard.


Pumpkins available for supply to buyers

Our farmers can produce the enclosed pumpkins constantly. If importers are interested we can produce collective pictures and send produce samples.











Farmers Issues 

The family Dilloe at the place Uitkijk in the district Saramacca is faced the following issue of cooking bananas trees knocked down in field, due to hard rains and heavy winds. A visit to the site with Ms. Juliet Goldsmith, Plant Health Specialist from CAHFSA. She analyzed that the plants fell down caused by root damage. The trees became weak through the root damage and so it was easy for the wind to knock the plants down. The farmer confirmed this fact  and said that in the past he was using Furodan but this pesticide is now banned. We are open to any solutions with may aid this problem.

Disaster caused by humans. An ECTAD farmer in Jagtlust in the district Commewijne faced the following.

Mr. Jacoeb Nisaar planted 520 clumps bitter melon. He is now in his harvest period. A miscreant cut the stalks/stems close to the roots of 368 clumps. One clump contains 2 to 4 trees. For a family farmer this is a disaster. His product is going to the local market and export to Holland. In Suriname he is one of the top quality bitter melon producing farmer.

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