ECTAD Caribbean – Statement April 2020

We at ECTAD CARIBBEAN have been monitoring the food prices and markets; we are also working with our farmers to make realistic production decisions to link into the circumstances of the new emerging market trends.   We are calling on Governments and traditional private sectors, such as banks, to make an insignificant investment with farmers […]


Farmers have a key role in our defense strategy against COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we see are a lot of good recommendations to avoid getting the coronavirus, with focus on proper hand-washing techniques, personal hygiene and social distancing. We need to ensure we play our part by adhering to these recommendations in order to bring this virus under control. The COVID-19 infection can bring on nasty respiratory issues, […]


ECTAD Caribbean would like to introduce its group of volunteers as part of ECTAD’s Caribbean Youth Arm (ECYA). The EYCA comprises of an experienced team of young professionals based in the St Vincent & the Grenadines and in other islands around the Caribbean. The team specializes in business and ICT development. Our youth arm is […]


The EU ACP are negotiating a new agreement that would replace the Cotonou Agreement. Under the Cotonou Agreement which ends in 2020. During the implementation of the Cotonou Agreement, although written into the agreement, insufficient involvement and meaningful participation of civil society took place.  Getting civil society and small and medium-sized business sectors involved in […]

The Caribbean Family and Friends Engagement Initiative

The Foundation for Development Planning, Inc. (FDPI) is pleased to announce the launch of the Caribbean Family and Friends Engagement Initiative, the objective of which is to facilitate the participation of the Caribbean diaspora, was well as other interested individuals and institutions, in Caribbean development initiatives.   The FDPI is collaborating with other institutions to establish […]


ECTAD-Suriname participation in the Suriname Agriculture Market Access Project

ECTAD SURINAME director and coordinator,  Reinier Taus has reported his satisfaction at  ECTAD-Suriname’s participation in the Suriname Agriculture Market Access Project (SAMAP) in collaboration with SAMAP Inception Workshop of Roots and Tubers VC Stakeholders Platform. The workshop heard addresses by HON Minister of AGRICULTURE AND OTHER OFFICIALS.   Pictures of SAMAP Heiko Bamman, FAO’s senior technical officer, […]

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Harvesting fruits from donated breadfruit plants Suriname

ECTAD Suriname has recently harvested fruits from donated breadfruit plants. The District of Nickerie was chosen for the program’s a trial run. Mr. Nawin Khedoe, our ECTAD Representative in Nickerie, also participated in the program by planting some of the trees. We at ECTAD Caribbean are grateful for the continued support and thanks to the […]